About the Author

Guillaume van Rixtel (3 April 1976) was born and raised in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands where he also received his major education in the fields of measurement and control engineering as well as industrial and automation technology. Living in Bangkok with his wife and son since 2004, he has worked in a variety of jobs covering a variety of fields.

Next to his initial  field of education, Guillaume has experience with Multimedia Design, Graphical Design, Video and Sound Editing, Business Management, Employee Coaching. Language Lecturing, Writing, Proof Reading, Editing, and Translating. In addition he has a extended knowledge of both classic and modern medias, social media, art, the entertainment industry, the toy industry, the gaming industry, amusement parks, zoos, tourism, and science.

He is the founder of The Van Rixtel Archives, which is the collective name of his extensive collection and all forms of expression in both modern and classical media.

An extensive resume can be found at his LinkedIn profile